316 Stainless Steel 1’’ Bimini Jaw Slide

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Marine 316 Stainless Steel 1’’ Bimini Jaw Slide, Top Fitting for Boat Canopy

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1. Bimini Top Jaw Slide 1”(25mm) internal diameter, fits for 1” outside diameter round tubing. One screw on each fitting measured M6.

2. Jaw slide Bimini hardware stainless steel is a perfect choice to replace your plastic, nylon or broken fittings.

3. Stainless Bimini jaw slide marine grade with maximum corrosion resistance, easy installation.

4. Boat jaw slide fits 1″ OD round tube, can be installed on tubes of various angles, attach a Bimini eye end securely to support tubing.

5. Used in boats, yachts, fiberglass yachts, inflatable yachts, commercial yachts and other types of yachts.

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