Boat Launch Wheels

Material: stainless steel, rubber

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  1. Suitable for use in saltwater, this dolly features small parts made entirely of solid stainless steel. Its 12-inch air-filled tire has been laboratory tested for up to 1000 lbs, and can support a maximum load of 600 lbs in all conditions, making it ideal for use with inflatable boats, aluminum boats, and fiberglass boats.
  2. This dolly can be adjusted while afloat in the boat, allowing for different performance positions during boat launching.
  3. The wheel arm can be locked in a 60 or 90 degree position, freeing up space on the top and side of the transom.
  4. Lowering the wheel arm to a 60 degree position allows the wheels to run at the same level as the prop, effectively turning the dolly into a prop guard when navigating rocky beaches.
  5. The transom bracket installation area measures approximately 8 x 3 inches, and the shorter transom bracket design offers greater installation possibilities for boats with different transom types.
  6. Users can install the brackets at the water line top position to prevent water from hitting the screw holes. Two bottom collinear bolts provide additional strength and stabilization to the bracket.
  7. The Deluxe Boat Dolly features quick operation features such as a spring-loaded locking pin for wheel arm position adjustment, solid spring-loaded buttons for wheel arm length adjustment, and a quick-release lock pin for the wheel arm and wheel bearing.

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