316 Stainless Steel Danforth Anchor


This kind of danforth anchors are made of 316 stainless steel, and they are for different boat length.

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Product Details:

Item No. Weight
XK0981SA04 1.5kg
XK0981SA06 2.0kg
XK0981SA10 2.5kg
XK0981SA16 3.0kg
XK0981SA20 3.5kg
XK0981SA25 4.0kg
XK0981SA32 4.5kg
XK0981SA34 5.0kg
XK0981SA36 5.5kg
XK0981SA38 6.0kg
XK0981SA40 6.5kg
XK0981SA42 8.0kg
XK0981SA46 10kg
XK0981SA48 12kg
XK0981SA50 15kg

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